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We know motherhood can be lonely and isolating. You deserve to feel seen, heard, supported and celebrated.

Maternal Mental health is our passion + The Expectant Moms Empowered Moms Signature Online Course purchased as a whole OR as individual modules, is the product of what we WISH we would have known in our transition to motherhood and/or the early years of parenting. We want you to feel prepared, present, and confident in your motherhood journey. That is why we are SO EXCITED to invite you to join us in taking this course through individual modules and topics that are most relevant to you! Listen like a podcast on your phone or at your computer! 

Expectant Moms Empowered Moms Modules are on-demand, engaging, evidenced-based content and hands-on exercises.

OUR GOAL with this information is to be tangible, authentic, and to deliver it in a way that makes you feel like we are old friends, sitting on the couch with a cup of tea in our hands.  We’re not into lectures, hacks, or making promises we cannot keep. 

The Expectant Moms Empowered Moms  Course topics, broken up into individual modules, are like the best cliff notes combined with evidence-based mom life advice you've ever received. 

Here are the individual modules available for purchase

Module 1

This is your opportunity to meet us... co-founders Holly and Calisa. In these videos we share our birth stories and hence, motivations for starting Moms Matter Now. This is an honest & vulnerable kick off to your MMN journey.

Module 1 is included with each Module 2-9 purchase! 

Module 2
Identity Shift

Take a deep-dive into identity and the concept of ‚Äúmatrescence.‚ÄĚ We'll talk about expectations, acknowledge the ambivalence that can come with motherhood, and discuss how your values might align with your parenting style. (57min)

Module 3
Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

You'll learn more about Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) - hint, it's more than postpartum depression. We’ll also de-mystify & normalize Intrusive thoughts. (69 min)

Module 4
Cognitive Distortions

Learn about the lies our brains tell us and how your mind (with the best intentions) works against you! You'll leave this module with more confidence to tackle hard issues like maternal gatekeeping, mom guilt, mom rage + comparison, perfectionism, social media and performative motherhood. (83 min)

Module 5
The Mental Load and Emotional Labor

Find more peace in your motherhood experience by learning how to share the MENTAL LOAD with your partner (if you have one). You don't need to do it all alone and this module will give you step by step guidance that will leave you feeling less resentful and more empowered. (59 min)

Module 6
Prioritizing your Partner

Learn the signs and symptoms for PMADs in partners and highlight some partner/father-specific resources. We will address emotional attunement and partner attachment needs in addition to sharing some sobering facts about marital/partner happiness once baby arrives. (79 min)

Module 7
Sex and Intimacy After Kids

Feel empowered by learning about the science of arousal. You will gain an understanding of different desire pathways and what to do in the event of an "arousal discrepancy." Our sexuality evolves with motherhood & this module gives you the tools to understand that. (81 min)

Module 8
Body Image and Motherhood

You will learn about the¬†implications of the ‚Äúrapid and extensive changes‚ÄĚ of our bodies during pregnancy, society‚Äôs toxic messages about ‚Äúbouncing back‚ÄĚ after pregnancy and give you tools to ‚Äúflip the script‚ÄĚ about your own body image during pregnancy and postpartum. (113 min)

Module 9
Be Her/Them Now

Develop a deliberate ‚Äúmothering mindset‚ÄĚ, learn about boundaries and the components of assertive (aka effective) communication. You will leave with a customized ‚Äúmothering mantra‚ÄĚ to live by as you move forward - empowered on your motherhood journey! (76 min)


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Here's what our participants are saying...

Like a reassuring visit with a close friend


“This course is everything I wish I knew before I began my motherhood journey. Like a reassuring visit with a close friend, these resources can lift up, support, and guide any new mom so she/they can step forward into unfamiliar territory feeling like they at least have a good map and compass.”

- Rachel

These modules are a good reminder that I am not alone!


‚ÄúThis course was an excellent reminder that I‚Äôm not alone in my experiences, joys, struggles, anxieties and Mama guilt. The course content covered an amazing variety of subjects and the additional suggested readings or exercises have been incredible resources to explore.‚ÄĚ

You're not going to want to miss this! 

We hope you will consider joining us for one module, a few modules or the full course!